As orthodontists serving southern Indiana for more than 30 years, we have thousands of patients who have experienced the expert care provided at Badger, Spiller, & Nicholson. In many cases, our patients go on to have children who then also become patients! Below are a few stories from our years providing braces and orthodontic services right here in your neighborhood:

  • “Had a great appointment at Badger Spiller Orthodontics today!!!! 😀 Next visit I get my Herbst off!! :D”

    Grace Blackwell
  • “Well I am back from getting my braces off. I am in love with my new smile. Thank you again!”

    Olivia Ray
  • “Well, what has seemed to be a terribly long 11 months, has finally paid off! I am 100% pleased with my new look, I truly feel like a new person. My smile is a HUGE part of my confidence and I’m not sure many people understand how much this means to me! Thank you to Badger Spiller Orthodontics!”

    Mariann Nichole Midgett
  • “A little over 2 months with braces. I am so happy with the results so far. My teeth have always been something I have been self-conscious about and I am finally doing something about it. Getting my top braces on soon and hopefully in about 2 years I’ll have the teeth I’ve always wanted 😀

    Morgan Beard
  • “Thank you everyone from Badger and Spiller in Clarksville!! :)”

    Taylor Humphrey