Custom Retainers

  • retainer-upper-detail
  • Congratulations! You finally got your braces off.

    The goal now is to keep your teeth straight. This is done by wearing a retainer. Remember, your retainer is the only way to keep your teeth in the correct position. More good news: we can make retainers almost any color you want.

    Instructions: Wear your retainer 24 hours a day except while eating. After eight to ten months, retainer wear will be reduced to nights (Provided you wear the retainer every night). Keep your retainer clean by brushing it with a toothbrush or with a denture brush in lukewarm water. About once a week soak your retainer in a denture cleaning solution. This will decrease any odor. Do not put your retainer in hot water; it will distort! If you lose your retainer there is a fee to have it replaced, so please be careful. Keep it in its case while you are eating – placing it in a napkin may lead to it being accidentally thrown away. Keep your retainer away from your pets! This is a very common way of losing retainers.

    Your lower retainer is bonded to your teeth and needs to stay there indefinitely. Check it daily by placing a little pressure on it with your fingers. If it is loose, call for an appointment so we can re-cement it.

    Concerns: Be sure to bring your retainer to each appointment so that we can check to see if it is still fitting correctly.